‘Noizeworld’ out in France and other news

Team Hoochie Coochie has just released their Turkey Comix #21 in France – and we are proud to have the main story from our comic book ‘Noizeworld’ in it (the pulpy book was originally published in English by Smittekilde back in 2010).

There’s a video of Turkey Comix #21 here.


In other news:

1) Danish publishing house Forlaget Fahrenheit is going to release all three comic books (‘Rockworld’, ‘Noizeworld’ and ‘Boilworld’) in one book – in Danish – entitled ‘Rockworld’ this spring. More info will appear soon on this blog. So far all we can say is that it’s going to be 128 pages long featuring some awesome bonus material! Pretty exciting, eh?

2) Also: Copenhagen Comics is happening in June 2013. And we have our profile pages up. See Søren’s profile here and Jacob’s profile here  (both written in Danish)