Co Co Festival 2015

We’re having a busy weekend ahead of us! Copenhagen Comics is happening Saturday and Sunday during the day – but we’re already heading into the ‘comics zone’ on Friday evening as we’re attending a venue going down at CMYK Kld. in Nørrebro, Copenhagen. It’s called ‘Stilleben’ and you can probably google it.

Saturnight night the annual Ping Prisen 2015 is held at Vega. Last year we were nominated for ‘Rockworld’ (Fahrenheit) in the category of ‘Best (Danish) Comic of the Year’ – but this year Søren Mosdal has entered the award show with his very own ‘Fimbulvinter’ (Aben Maler) and in the same category.

Photos from the festival will go up on our facebook page next week. Stay tuned!