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A taste of ‘Rockworld’ (2014)

'Rockworld' by Søren G. Mosdal & Jacob Ørsted. Published by The Hoochie Coochie, 2014

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‘Rockworld’ out in France today

The publishing house Hoochie Coochie has released our comic book ‘Rockworld’ in France today.

The book looks beautiful and we will post some photos on this blog as soon as possible.

Till then: Enjoy the bunch of photos recently posted here

Søren Mosdal & Jacob Ørsted - Rockworld

FZA, Freddy & Borgtron – out in September

The shameless duo of Freddy & Professor known from the Kuti comx magazine are back in September on Dead Genesis, in a split comic with Jyrki “Borgtron” Nissinen.

Read more here.

Ping Pris interview

We got interviewed by Felix (it’s in Danish):

in the newspaper Information

The Danish newspaper Information featuring Søren Mosdal… (click to enlarge):

‘Rockworld’ gets a nomination : Ping Prisen 2014

We’re much delighted to hear that ‘Rockworld’ is nominated in the category ‘Best Danish Comic’ for a Ping Pris.

Read about the jury’s motivation here and about ‘Ping Prisen’ here + check out the rest of the nominées here. (all links in Danish)



‘Rockworld’ gets a mention – best of 2013

Over at Matthias Wivel, the expert of comics and curator of sixteenth-century painting at the National Gallery in London, recently pointed to three excellent comics to come out of Denmark in 2013.
We’re happy that our 128 paged ‘Rockworld’ (Fahrenheit, 2013) was among those three!

bestof20324and… if you try to click the last line of the screen grab ‘Read the first issue in English here’ you really should click here.