Titles in English

Boilworld – Rockworld #3

Released in September 2012. ‘Boilworld’ is the third installment in the Rockworld comic series. A 38 page comic by Søren Mosdal and Jacob Ørsted exploring the angst and the fun of looking into the void of death. In short: The two friends Charley and Mickey are back. This time to celebrate Mickey’s birthday in a cabin in Sweden.
You can have a look at the first eight pages here.

Max Pump 2000
Published in 2010 by Moga Mobo in the magazine entitled ‘Nackscanner’.
3 pages. Read it here.

Noizeworld – Rockworld #2

Charley and Mickey is back in this 36-page sequel to Rockworld. This time the two friends explore the noise scene in Copenhagen. Charley sees his noise blog grow and awaits some juicy street cred, while Mickey teams up with Bob and Roger to form the band ‘Uhu Stix’. But soon everything goes wrong…
You can read the first three pages of Noizeworld here.


After a series of comic strip releases in Slovakia, Germany and France the danish comix duo Mosdal & Ørsted is back with a 32 page comic book on Smittekilde Press. Largely based on their own experiences, the duo has created CPH Rockworld, a mercyless investigation of their hometown of Copenhagens rock scene. The result is sarcastic, sometimes sad but always funny. BABY I’M ON FIRE!
Read ‘Rockworld’ here for free.


The Day Ariel’s Hair Turned Grey
Published in Smittekilde #9 and in 2010 by Lars Jakobsen in the anthology ‘Between the Lines’. Story by Jacob Ørsted and Søren Mosdal. Words by Jacob Ørsted. Drawn by Søren Mosdal. Read the full comic here.


Hundegott was published in 25 copies back in 1999. Copies are sold out. The story of Hundegott was originally written by Jacob Ørsted and Jakob Fibiger. Read it here.


Redlamp was made for German publishing house Moga Mobo in 2003. Read it here.


The Liar
This comic tells a little story about a boy named Mihai. The comic has been published in a French anthology entitled L’horreur est Humaine (no. 8). Based on a Russian fairytale. At least, so we say… Read it here.


Feuerwerk was published by French publishing house Fremok in 2000. The comic is based on a short blurb by Jacob Ørsted. Text is written by Søren Mosdal and Jacob Ørsted. Read it here.


Final Scene
This comic was published in Mogamobo no. 88 in June 2003. You can read it here.