Søren Mosdal and Jacob Ørsted have been making comics together since 1997.

Below is a list of joint-ventures, displaying the latest first. The list is not complete.

Rockworld (in French). 2014. Published by Hoochie Coochie.

Rockworld (in Danish). 2013. Published by Forlaget Fahrenheit.

Boilword (Rockworld #3). 2012. Published by Anport.

Max Pump. 2010. Published by Moga Mobo.

The day Ariel’s hair turned grey. 2010. In the anthology Between the lines, published by Lars Jakobsen. Originally published in Smittekilde#9, 2004.

Noizeworld (Rockworld #2). 2010. Published by Smittekilde.

Dog God. 2009. In the anthology From Wonder with Love. Published by Aben Maler/Fantagraphics Books. Also in the anthology BLÆK. Published by Rackham/Politikens Forlag, 2006.

Rockworld. 2007. Published by Smittekilde. Also published in Stripburger, 2005. Also published in Türkey Comix, no. 19 in 2011.

Kanal Zoo. 2004-2006. The monthly strip in Euroman. Published by Egmont.

Final Scene. 2003. Published by Moga mobo.

Red Lamp. 2003. Published by Moga mobo.

Barry. 2002. Published by Fahrenheit.

Feuerwerk. 2000. Published by Fremok.

Hundegott. 1998. Published by Debaser.