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‘El Caca Divino’ er on-line

En sjælden opdatering på dansk: Nu kan du læse ‘El Caca Divino’ på nettet. Den 16 sider lange kannibalhistorie er oprindeligt udgivet i Finland i 2014 og kom desuden med i det sidste nummer af Fiesta Magasinet i 2019.

Du kan læse med her. God fornøjelse!



‘El Caca Divino’ in the last and latest issue of Fiesta Magasinet

We are happy and proud to be a part of the last issue of the legendary Fiesta Magasinet. ‘El Caca Divino’ features the Fessor and the Freddy entering the horrific scene of dining out in wonderful Copenhagen. Here is a glimpse of the first page (in Danish) out of 16. Get your copy of Fiesta on Bogforum Comics this coming weekend or contact your local dealer…


Check out our latest collaboration here!q


Rockworld returns!

Great news for fans of Rockworld. Your favorite characters are about to return in the next edition of the Danish ‘Fiesta Magasinet’.

Radbrækket #3 is out today

The issue number 3 of the Danish horror magazine Radbrækket (edited by Zven Balslev and Tue Sprogø) is out today. We have a story in it called ‘Kom & Se’. Contact your local dealer and get your copy!

(Cover by Johnn Kenn Mortensen)

‘Nastrand – De dødes strand’ is out

‘Nastrand’ is a 64-paged comic book (in Danish).

Written and illustrated by Søren Mosdal.

Translated by Jacob Ørsted from English to Danish.

It’s been published by Escho and you can buy it right here!

And you can read a bit more about it right here!

Flashback to 2003

Want something to read?
Look no further. Read our comic ‘Final Scene’ from 2003.
It’s free and right here: